Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Frequently Asked Questions

Hey everyone! Here are some common questions people have been asking...

$60,000? What in the world do you need that much for?
Well, here is the skinny on that...
The total amount I am raising is going to be divided up into numerous different areas among the Lowell/YFC ministry. The different areas will include my training, volunteer training, benefits, administrative costs, start up costs (because YFC has never had a ministry in the Lowell school system), ministry costs for the whole year (that adds up              q-u-i-c-k), salary, YFC fees, etc. for the entire year. I hope this is helpful. 
It does sounds like a lot because we typically don't have to think about how much other jobs may cost to run for a whole year. It was an eye opener for me because I'm not much of a business minded person. :) 

What will you be doing during the day if you aren't allowed to talk about Christ in school?
This time is crucial. It is where I will dedicate my time building trusting relationships with the students. I will be getting involved in different areas throughout the school such as mentoring programs, spending lunch with them, going to their sporting events, plays, and yes...even chaperoning dances. Not only that, but I will be using a lot of this time to build trusting relationships with the administration, teachers, and the community. Even if I can't speak about Christ's love during school hours, I can surely show others Christ's love through my attitude and actions. Every second of everyday is a chance to be a disciple. 

Do you get summer's off like the students do?
Good idea! But no. Once the students are off from school, this is "go" time for us. We are gathering all of the paperwork and getting everything ready for summer camp. Once summer camp happens, we have meetings, YFC conferences, put together plans for the upcoming school year, meet up with students, donors, churches,... the list goes on and on. It is a full time job for the full year. 

What is your biggest fear with this job?
Honestly, it is that students will have things going on in their life that they will want help with that are far beyond me. And the truth is, this will happen a lot. The things that some of these students are dealing with are absolutely horrific and there is no way that I could ever hold the answers they will desperately need. But that is also the beauty of it. God has the answers they desperately need. I will have to trust God to help me out in this ministry every single second. I am very blessed to have an extremely strong support system as well: the staff at YFC, my relatives, friends, church. There will be a lot of discouraging times for me in this ministry, but the reward of seeing a student's life be transformed by the power of God will be completely indescribable (but I will do my best because I'll want to share the story with you!)

Keep the questions coming! 

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