Tuesday, November 6, 2012

January On My Mind

I'm currently sitting in Ella's. It's my go-to spot in Lowell where the coffee is always hot, the people are friendly, the music is calming, it is basically the Hollywood definition of small town charm. I almost always see people I know while I sit and plan for the ministry or read my devotions. It also gives me a lot of time to think. Today I am thinking of January.
Why January? Maybe it is because I feel a little chilly today and it reminds me of January. Or maybe it is because I have been watching Christmas movies and singing Christmas songs so I feel like January is only a couple weeks away. Both are reasonable guesses.
Or maybe it is because January is when the Youth for Christ ministry in Lowell is going to have its Club kick-off. Yep, that's it.
Campus Life M is going to be kicking-off its once a week program called Club in just a few short months. This is very exciting because this means that students will be able to come to a safe place where they can hear about Christ and meet in small groups with a Christian leader and talk about life issues. At first I was a little nervous about kick-off but after spending so much time at the middle school with the students it has become obvious how much these students need a place like this where they can be real with each other and hear about the hope of Christ, a message that everybody needs to hear or be reminded of. 
While many of your holiday to-do lists seem to be growing daily with Thanksgiving and Christmas right around the corner, my Campus Life M to-do list seems to be rapidly growing. Below is part of my list and I would love it if you would take a moment out of your busy schedule's and pray about these things. 
Here we go...
1. Volunteers in place by Dec.
2. A venue to hold Club by Dec.
3. A community support team in place by Dec.
4. More donors 
5. Kick-off organized for January

Take time to stop and enjoy the busy holiday season, but keep January on your mind. :)